Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst

Work on cybersecurity initiatives relating to the ongoing digital security of NEOM.

Job Description

  • Join a team of proactive NEOM cybersecurity analysts focused on threat monitoring using specialist tools and research techniques.
  • Develop Ethical Hacker and Penetration Testing Skills.
  • Assist with Cybersecurity Audit of IT-OT-IoT Functions.
  • Report to Lead Cybersecurity Analyst.

Job Requirements

· Graduate with an understanding of cybersecurity risk.

· Willingness and openness to a continuous learning process to keep up with the latest threats and mitigating tools and techniques in the world of national cyber security.

· A passion for Cybersecurity and Digital Innovation.

· A creative mind with the ability to look beyond the obvious and established practices.

· Have the ability to think like an adversary in order to find weakness and mitigate risks in technical platforms, process’s and technologies.

· Good interpersonal skills to communicate with colleagues.

· A confident and inquisitive nature seeking answers to complex questions.

· Ability to presenting technical matter in a simple concise format.

· An eye for detail with an intuitive nature supported by the ability to investigate or identify anomalies for possible compromises in operational technologies.

· A willingness to learn new techniques and always seeking to keep up with the latest developments.

· Discreet, trustworthy and dependable.

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