Design Director (Architect)

Design Director (Architect)

  • Full Time
  • SA

Job Description

• Manage the design review process of all projects related to the Luxury Mansions, from review of design brief through master planning, Scopes of Work, conceptual design to detailed design, through close supervision of the Managers and consultant review teams.
• Ensure all design packages related to the project are comprehensively reviewed by all NEOM Sectors, and any design/constructability issues are identified and resolved through consultation with counterpart on Urban Development (UD) and Projects teams.
• Utilize in-depth knowledge and experience to liaise with Managers and consultants to endorse an agreed design schedule, to ensure all reviews are expedited, in-depth and returned to UD or Projects design team in optimum timeframe.
• Manage interfaces between Managers and review teams to ensure strict adherence to the agreed design schedule and develop a recovery schedule as contingency for any slippage.
• Lead the design review team through all phases by guiding, advising and mentoring other designers on project work, development of design direction and leading critiques.
• Establish the Architectural and other discipline design guidelines, standards and codes, to ensure compliance with international standards and NEOM vision and theme, and communicate these guidelines to all project stakeholders
• Single point of contact for all business with the office of NEOM Chief Environmental Officer (CEnvO) to ensure all environmental requirements are incorporated in final design proposals, including applying for NEOM Environmental approvals required for the project.
• Co-ordinate technical review, design criteria and external client requirements and issues with the UD and Projects teams
• Provide technical guidance, planning and logistical information for bids and tenders.
• Provide written sign-off to for each stage of the design i.e. Conceptual, 30%, 60%, 90% and IFC; next design cycle cannot proceed until the Director has endorsed the sign-off of the previous cycle.
• Liaise with all stakeholders, particularly UD and Projects, during the design development phase, through the construction phase and into commissioning, to ensure design satisfies all requirements and obligations, whilst being buildable, efficient and delivering exceptional value.
• Liaise with the Infrastructure Director to ensure the participation of the Civil and Mechanical/HVAC teams in all design reviews.
• Ensure the transition of key design team members from the design phase to the construction and commissioning phases, in accordance with the transition schedule developed by both Directors and endorsed by the Executive Director.
• Develop and implement design review KPI’s and champion their implementation across all review activities
• Participate in the recruitment of suitable, qualified Engineers/Architects to the respective team, and support recruitment activities across the organization.

Job Requirements

• 20+ years extensive experience in, and understanding of, the design of mega, multi-disciplinary projects, at least 12 years of which as Technical Lead in design management
• Detailed knowledge of, and fully conversant with, international codes and standards e.g. IBC’s, SBC, BS Codes, Euro Code etc.
• Proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple, design related tasks and projects simultaneously
• In depth understanding of business/venture strategies with ability to problem-solve and make effective decisions in a fast-paced environment, with good knowledge of technology to support business management
• Fully conversant with latest industry technology and materials, to develop high-tech designs and incorporate smart solutions into project designs
• Commercial awareness and experience in Real Estate strategy development very desirable
• Proven ability to build professional relationships and trust, with colleagues and internal and external stakeholders alike Interpersonal skills to build effective relationships across all levels of the organization
• Excellent communicator (verbal and written) and a good command of English and ability to present confidently to small and large audiences
• Fully computer literate, capable of using specialist building design programs and applications in checking building design standards
• Proven ability to work under pressure, to handle and prioritize multiple tasks and projects simultaneously
• Proficient in Microsoft packages, Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc., good knowledge of Microsoft Project, Primavera P6, AutoCad packages is desirable
• As NEOM is in start-up mode with accelerated programs, the Design Director position requires total commitment and flexibility to achieve key, strategic targets that may require working additional hours
• Strong leadership ability and rational judgement and reasoning skills, with proven ability to communicate effectively at design office, site, management and client levels
• Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture & Planning from an accredited university – Masters’ degree preferred
• Professional registration and accreditation with Architect and/or Project Management Institute i.e. MCARB, MRIAI, RIBA, PMP, SCE etc.
• Minimum 20 years’ experience in the design of mega, multi-disciplinary projects, with 10-12 years in a design management role on a complex project, preferably in the Middle East
• Excellent communication skills, with high standard of English (oral and written)

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