Director, Climate Action

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Oversees the establishment of climate action program including strategies, policies, standards, and procedures; Establishes a baseline for monitoring the State of Climate; Implements climate action plans and initiatives, Reviews and audits GHG emissions; Assesses climate change mitigation, adaption, and resilience; Oversees carbon pricing and potential establishment of a trading scheme, Oversees NEOM’s progress against its climate goals with the aim to achieving carbon neutrality and climate positive impact.

  • Climate Action Strategy, Policy, Standards, and Procedures
  • Climate Change and Carbon Offsets Program
  • Climate Disclosure Monitoring and Reporting
  • Monitoring, Auditing, and Improving climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience performance
  • Division Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Readiness for Activation
  • Transition Planning


Climate Action Functions

  • Establish climate action strategy, policy, standards, and procedures
  • Establish climate change mitigation, adaption, and resilience program including risk management and disclosure (e.g., ESG and TCFD related);
  • Assess GHG reporting requirements and methods
  • Lead the investments in climate solutions such as nature-based climate solutions, and carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration
  • Develop and implement carbon offset (environmental attributes) program and carbon market mechanisms, taking into consideration linkages with the biodiversity & sustainability programs
  • Establish carbon intensity standards and carbon pricing instruments
  • Establish partnerships with global initiatives to scale up climate action
  • Initiate stakeholder engagement to support the transition
  • Achieve readiness for activation
  • Support Department-wide transition planning
  1. Develop division strategy and end-state operating model for climate action functions​
  • Use global benchmarks to establish organizational design, required workforce targets, and operating model for the end state
  • Oversee development of Division strategy for achieving regulatory mandates
  • Ensure the end-state operating model is fully lean, highly relying on automation and outsourcing while ensuring collaboration across Authority departments
  1. Drive readiness of all climate action functions across 5 Criteria:​

i)  Regulatory instruments​

  • Work with the Governance, Strategy & Policy Division and NEOM Legal Affairs on developing and finalizing climate action regulations, policies, and standards
  • Develop climate action policies, standards, and technical guidelines
  • Provide expert content and collaborate with other departments/ teams to address dependencies
  • ii) Regulators (People)

  • Estimate headcount for Division requirements, including consideration of lean core staff while outsourcing possible functions and leveraging technology
  • Coordinate with HR and the Office of the Department Head to identify human resource needs for the sustainability functions, migrating internally, or hiring externally​
  • Update existing, and develop new, job descriptions for Division positions
  • Establish a high-functioning team to address key functions and build capacity for demonstrating readiness
  • iii) Operational assets and systems​

  • Identify and procure/implement assets and systems required to execute the Division functions and mandates (e.g., software tools, database, and registries)​
  • iv) Protocols and governance​

  • Develop the governance and processes for the internal operating model of the climate action function, defining standard operating procedures
  • Support the development of processes for cross-department ​coordination
  • v) Stakeholder engagement and agreements​

  • Identify areas where informal cooperation and/or formal agreements are needed to provide services in the interim period and identify segregation of duties for interim service delivery​
  • Working with the Office of the Head of Department, identify Base Economy entities and develop processes to communicate and liaise with key points of contact in the Base Economy for Division activities and actions​
  • Working with the Office of the Head of Department, plan for the transition from Base Economy roles to NEOM Authority
  • Develop/review and implement a transition plan to end-state for all climate action ​functions​
  • Ensure there is a phased transition plan for each Division function to reach the end-state model, using NEOM Vision principles: lean, efficient, and tech-enabled
  • Track and communicate progress​ against the transition plan


Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

The Director, of Climate Action, should have a proven track record in developing and leading government departments, programs, and policies, with extensive public policy and technical networks in the field of climate change.

The candidate must have:

  • Minimum of 14+ years experience in climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience
  • At least 5-6 years of experience in a senior managerial position in the public sector or consultancy advising the public sector
  • Experience working on Climate Change mitigation, adaptation and resilience, carbon pricing instruments, GHG reporting, carbon offsets, and international climate policy
  • Knowledgeable of international agreements and best practices, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA), Conference of Parties (COP), and the Paris Agreement target.
  • Demonstrated experience, knowledge, and leadership in managing projects or programs related to climate action
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated knowledge and credibility in the sector through board positions, speaking engagements, international/ national awards, or published papers​
  • Strong interpersonal skills to manage stakeholders and build relationships with the national and international community

Qualifications and Experience.

  • MSC in Climate Science, Public Policy, Sustainability, and Environmental Science, or a related field.


  • Free Accommodation.
  • Free Laundry and housekeeping.
  • Free transportation.
  • 2 flights per month domestic round trip.
  • 1 Annual Travel Allowance.
  • Relocation Flight.
  • Free Meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ).
  • Schooling – 60K SAR per child up to 3 children.
  • Bonus 20-30% annual (performance based).
  • Savings Plan ( Long-term incentive plan ).
  • Medical insurance ( VVIP health coverage), for Employees, Family & Parents.
  • Annual Leave 30 working days annual.
  • Remote Working 24 working days annual.