Director – Desalination & Brine Innovation Solutions

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The Desalination and Brine Innovations Solutions Director will take responsibility for the interface between NEOM’s Water and Brine Innovation Center and the industrial sector where alignment of objectives for the recovery of products within an integrated desalination and brine processing facility exists.  The role requires the development and continual enhancement of a strategy enabling the Water and Brine Innovation Centre’s research and development efforts to be aligned with potential stakeholders such that the research and development works achieve practical and tangible results.

The position requires a dual understanding of the development of research and development initiatives from the point of developing technologies that require a potential user and from the point of a user requirement that requires the development of a technology solution. NEOM has developed a baseline Zero-Waste desalination process comprising a Desalination facility incorporating an Intake System, Pre-Treatment, Nano Filtration Separation of Monovalent and Polyvalent dissolved solids, Reverse Osmosis Desalination (Monovalent Stream), High Recovery Desalination, Stabilization, and Mineralization. This selective desalination facility will deliver concentrated selective brine feed to Brine Processing facilitating where the recovery of High Purity Industrial Grade Salt, Bromine, Boron, Potassium, Lithium, Rubidium, Calcium Sulphate, and Magnesium will be achieved. The innovation center comprises a reduced-scale version of the processing facility such that research and development initiatives can be carried out to determine the practicality, efficiency, and quality of product refining.

The Director will leverage the capabilities of the research and development innovation center to foster collaboration in the further development of technologies enhancing the business model and the sustainable principles of an integrated desalination and brine processing approach.

NEOM embraces the vision of regional development focused on the principles of Circular Economy, Zero Waste, Carbon Free, and Sustainable solutions which enhance the environment but are based on sound economic principles.

The role requires an individual willing to embrace change and challenge conventional thinking and approaches whilst appreciating that accomplishing change will require a significant level of commitment, persistence, and skill in managing and developing the solutions with a requirement to satisfy various stakeholders’ requirements.

This role challenges every aspect of conventional thinking within the Middle East region regarding water supply including, Technical, Economic, Environmental, Development, and Implementation approaches for large municipal scale facilities.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Development of collaborative plans for research and development initiatives with Industrial Sector stakeholders and focused on NEOM Water and Brine Innovation Center.
  • Development of industrial collaborations generated through research and development programs.
  • Development of research and development programs to address industrial sector needs.
  • Identification of business opportunities through the development of the desalination and brine processing business model.
  • The capture of Intellectual Property and strategic planning for the protection of developed Intellectual Property rights.
  • Development of alternative brine and derivative business plans and collaborations.
  • Building the Innovation Center team expertise to facilitate the operational requirements for the facility and associated workstreams.
  • Collaboration with Universities for joint research and development initiatives.
  • Collaboration with Intuitions for joint research and development initiatives.
  • Identification of key technology components and engaging with suppliers to establish means by which technology is incorporated within the desalination facilities.
  • Establish with potential suppliers roadmaps for technology development, innovation, and joint partnerships.
  • Promote the development of NEOM’s achievements.
  • Work in collaboration with the Desalination and Brine Innovation Center Director to identify and develop innovative solutions.
  • Assist to build out a Global Water Solutions offering through the water industry.
  • Liaison with other Sectors, Primarily ENVIRONMENT,  SUSTAINABILITY, ENERGY, EDUCATION, and MEDIA.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
  • Recognized international expert in the development of innovative Desalination and Brine Processing solutions.
  • An extensive network of contacts within the field of Desalination and associated technologies.
  • Excellent abilities in developing start-up Innovation technologies through innovation incubator to full-scale implementation.
  • Ability to build the team responsible for management and performance of the Innovation Center.
  • Experience in a dynamic complex commercial organization, managing multiple projects
  • Understanding of project management frameworks and experience developing planning, monitoring, and evaluation systems
  • Ability to persuade and influence people at all levels
  • Strong Program and Project Management experience
  • Strong experience within a sector structured organization and management techniques to achieve goals
  • The skills to manage and lead great projects and people
  • Collaboration across a Matrixed organization
  • Be prepared to be Challenged
  • Demonstrated ability to foster trusted long-term business relationships internally, with colleagues and stakeholders for mutual benefit
  • Knowledge of Quality & Safety and the importance of risk management
  • BUDGET development and management.
  • Ability to implement long-term strategic plans for the successful development and continuity of NEOM.