Director – Governance, and Compliance

  • Full Time
  • SA

The Director for Governance and Compliance is responsible for All Water Quality and Laboratory requirements and operations, Regulations compliance, Water Resources, Standards, and Procedures, and well as Internal Audit and Compliance for the Water Utility

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

Neom Water Utility has to control the water quality delivered to customers for different types of water. There has to be a plan and service to manually and automatically test and manage the water quality and report to the Regulatory authorities.

New Water Utility will have a Water Quality laboratory that will test all the water samples and manage the real-time and online water quality analysis and this falls under the Director’s Responsibility

NWU has to adhere to all the regulations and report every month to the Water Department and this process and reporting is managed by the Director.

Complete management and implementation of the reporting and KPIs in NEOM as well as coordination with the Authority Water Department

NWU has to manage the Water Resources and have a high level of oversight of water demand and requirements which falls under this role

All Standards and Procedures for the Water utility will be centrally managed under this department and coordinated with the relevant Authority departments

Interaction and coordination with the Kingdoms Ministry and regulatory and standards authorities to ensure alignment and all policies are adhered to where necessary

Responsible for internal Audit and Compliance inside the Water Utility

Act as the overall Governance and Compliance responsible entity within NWU

Assist Operations team with reporting and compliance

Assist Exec director with regulatory and compliance issues

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • Director-level role looking for good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Water-related experience is beneficial but not essential
  • Previous experience in Regulatory Compliance is a benefit
  • Knowledge of the Water Market globally is helpful but not essential
  • Highly developed commercial acumen
  • Experience in a dynamic complex commercial organization, managing multiple projects
  • Ability to persuade and influence people at all levels
  • Innovative approach, eager to challenge the status quo
  • Ability to focus on short and long-term strategic objectives
  • Business/Marketing management skills and related degrees


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Director-level experience is essential

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