Engineering Specialist, Port Operations

  • Full Time
  • SA

Control, monitoring, and supervision of the port’s engineering work to include the direction and delivery of preventive maintenance plans and reliability programs to a wide variety of cargo handling equipment. Support the development of the selected EAMS system and development thereof. The incumbent of this role shall support the system’s efficiency and longer-term functionality.  Support to the engineering team for IT-related equipment interfaces such as those for remote crane control, automated stacking cranes, and Terminal Operating Systems.


  • A high degree of focus is required for safe working, assessing risks, and mitigation of risk on a day-to-day basis.
  • Proactive and continuous improvement of the engineering function and equipment reliability.
  • The highest degree of focus is required towards safety and engineering maintenance risks; mitigation of these on a day-to-day basis.
  • Use oral, written, and electronic methods for the communication in English of technical and other information.
  • Report on progress to schedule, safety, and quality control and collaboratively approve relevant design modifications.
  • Ensure all port equipment is fully compliant with all applicable Saudi Arabian codes/standards and/or international codes and standards. Make recommendations where there is non-compliance.
  • Monitor and influence safe systems of work of Contractors and NEOM employees.
  • To provide detailed schedules and plans for the maintenance of all port equipment and plant with input to the construction of an asset management system to enhance reliability-centered maintenance, predictive maintenance, optimized maintenance processes, and safe operating procedures.
  • Give support or contribute to Engineering works as directed and specified ensuring that projects are completed in relevant time scales involving all the appropriate departments and within budgeted cost limits. To include input to the preparation of specifications, quality control, and commissioning.
  • Raise awareness of the current safety regulations concerning machine safety and apply and demonstrate compliance of equipment under the responsibility of the Engineering Department.
  • Identify specific areas of improvement to increase the production of equipment through increased reliability.
  • Work closely with other Departments to input your Engineering expertise to work as designated by the Technical Asset Manager or Senior Management.
  • Interface closely with Operational planning with the objectives of efficient use of equipment whilst fully optimizing preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Mentoring and on-the-job training to internal engineering staff and contractors.
  • Supervision of works to meet targets and prioritize to meet dynamic business needs.
  • Responsible for the standard and safety of all engineering equipment and systems on the Port’s equipment.
  • Conduct toolbox and safety awareness meetings with staff where required.
  • Experience with the development as a user of EAMS applications such as Maximo, Mex, and SAP. INFOR in a port maintenance context.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/ or Mechanical engineering plus IT System/ Networks qualification is preferable.
  • 5 + years of Port engineering experience with exposure to general cargo, bulk, and container handling equipment.
  • IOSH Qualification preferred
  • Expertise in the development of EAMS systems such as Maximo, Mex, and SAP INFOR in a port scenario is preferable.

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