IB History/Social Studies (MYP Individuals and Society teacher)

  • Full Time
  • SA

The MYP teacher will endorse and practice the philosophy, pedagogy (including environment, learning, teaching, and assessment) research, and innovation aspects of the MYP phase and will work as an active member of the MYP team to ensure that the day-to-day running and development of learning at the NEOM Community School is carried out by the aims of the NEOM Education, Research and Innovation Sector. She/he will be accountable for upholding the aims and vision of the whole school in this phase and will support the work of the school in contributing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.


  • Plan and teach appropriate MYP learning, including an emphasis on inquiry-based, child-initiated indoor and outdoor learning based on the Enhanced MYP Programme
  • Work effectively in partnership with support staff to ensure consistency of learning for all children
  • Observe children’s learning progress and outcomes during sessions, assess individual learning needs and use outcomes to inform planning for future learning
  • Monitor and assure the quality of learning in the class group, identifying and supporting areas in need of development
  • Maintain accurate records of children’s learning, and progress and monitor their safety and well-being at all times
  • Deploy high-quality learning, teaching, and interaction strategies when working with the children including the application of high-level questioning within a strategy for sustained, shared thinking to move children’s learning on
  • Attend all appropriate professional training and development by the school’s needs and aspects identified as outcomes of annual appraisal discussions
  • Prepare resources, manage and maintain the organization of high-quality learning space to support the curriculum and match the needs of all children in the group
  • Ensure that equipment in use is safe, hygienic, and in a good state of repair
  • Maintain up-to-date current knowledge regarding international MYP best practices and contribute to ongoing research and improvement in collaboration with the MYP Team
  • Participate in Extra Curricular Activities as required, at the discretion of the Head of School


  • Have a mature, responsible, and positive disposition and be able to work flexibly as a member of the whole school team under the direction of the Head of School and independently when required;
  • Have a sound understanding of the importance of children’s learning and development in the MYP Years and have the ability to identify and support staff in developing professional skills according to to need
  • Be open-minded and willing to further their knowledge and development by attending training courses, sharing information gained with colleagues, and maintaining updated knowledge of international MYP Years best practices by reading, researching, and attending relevant training;
  • Exemplify high standards in practice and provision at all times
  • Have up-to-date knowledge of Health & Safety regulations with specific reference to children’s wellbeing, learning, and facilities
  • Have up-to-date and practical knowledge of best practices in learning and play materials and techniques which encourage children to have respect for differences in academic ability, gender, cultural background, race, and ethnicity



B.ED/B.An in Childhood Studies/Education (or equivalent)


MA/M.ED second degree or further relevant qualification

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