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NEOM is a new vision of what the future could be. It’s an attempt to do something that’s never been done before and it’s coming at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions. Put simply, NEOM will not only be a destination but a home for people who dream big and who want to be part of building a new model for sustainable living.

NEOM Supply Chain & Logistics (SC&L) Division’s role is to lead the design, implementation, and ongoing execution and management of the world’s first fully integrated physical and digital Supply Chain from the green field, serving NEOM and the region with intelligent, sustainable, and autonomous solutions

The role of the Quality & Business Performance Manager is to focus on the development, delivery, and ongoing leadership and management of several key management systems, focusing on quality, operational development and efficiency, and performance management, across NEOM SC&L operations (Contract Logistics, Freight Forwarding, and Last Mile).  The role will be integral in ensuring efficient and optimal operational functions and services, compliance and exceeding the most appropriate standards within NEOM but also the industry, and development of performance measurement and analytics.

Key focus areas will include:

  • Develop Quality Management function plans and strategy in alignment with the overall SC&L Business Unit’s strategy and OXAGON’s overall business plans
  • Build, develop and lead a dedicated team; within a compliant, safe, and secure operational environment
  • Develop and ensure the implementation of SC&L policies, procedures, and processes, to ensure and drive efficient, high-performing, and compliant SC&L services across NEOM operations including Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics & Warehousing, and Last Mile Delivery, for both NEOM SC&L operated services and were outsourced to 3rd party partners and providers
  • Build and maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge, and readiness across the SC&L Business Unit to create a culture that prioritizes effective quality standards and effectiveness
  • On-going support and in close collaboration with the SC&L leadership team, develop, implement, and establish industry-leading processes and practices



  • Take full responsibility for managing the Quality & Performance team, objectives, and engagement across SC&L
  • Define and quality delivery program, integrating all areas across SC&L, driving delivery of Quality standards to be the base in daily behaviors and processes
  • Develop, implement, and lead the delivery and ongoing management of a Quality Management System (QMS), policies, and processes, developing the approach and plan to implement the QMS and achieve and maintain industry standards
  • Work with SC&L teams, to develop and implement all supporting QMS supporting processes
  • Develop, establish and lead an Operational Excellence program, which will be focused on developing the operational standards, efficiency, and capabilities of SC&L operations, including Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics & Warehousing, and Last Mile Delivery
  • In support of the SC&L business and operations, establish a Business Performance Management system, which will be central to the SC&L teams and leadership in understanding performance and areas of potential development and increased performance
  • Work with HSSE Manager to ensure all management systems are aligned and at the core of SC&L operations
  • Develop, implement, and ongoing management of quality and operational efficiency programs
  • Ensure all SC&L teams and employees undergo relevantly and required awareness and training programs
  • Respond to escalated issues of non-compliance and ensure relevant corrective and preventative actions are in place
  • Conduct site visits & audits to ensure ongoing compliance with all standards, processes, and regulatory requirements
  • Maintain and build relationships with internal and external organizations to ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant requirements and standards
  • Working with SC&L business heads and leads, lead the development, implementation, and ongoing management of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Continuously review SC&L policies and practices in NEOM SC&L to ensure they are current and appropriate
  • Regulate and enforce all Quality standards, rules, and regulations and ensure NEOM SC&L’s compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements, including relevant international conventions
  • Provide expert advice within the field of Quality Management to address regulatory agency compliance issues and third-party safety and liability issues


  • Lead by example to reinforce behaviors associated with NEOM culture and values
  • Support site management team in assessing potential, developing talent, and succession planning
  • Responsibility for recruiting and developing direct reports and managing performance within local guidelines
  • Support Head of Contract Logistics & Warehousing and local HR Business Partner regarding any employee/industrial relations matters

Business Continuity

  • Ensure adequate quality measures are in place to protect the SC&L facilities and operations, including the well-being of personnel, NEOM assets, and the customer’s product
  • Ensure effective deployment of the NEOM Quality Management framework and requirements across the business
  • Engagement and communication programs with employees and customers in these activities
  • Support and ensure the continuous improvement of security performance, design, and awareness within SC&L

Regulatory Compliance

  • Maintain processes and required statutory qualifications to ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory and local legal obligations
  • Ensure the appropriate communication, understanding, and compliance with all relevant NEOM policies takes place
  • Review practices against the requirements of legal compliance regularly and implement a formal process to address any issues


Building the Team

  • Identify, recruit, and engage resources to build the team and onboard new hires with proper induction programs
  • Lead, guide, evaluate and develop the Quality & Performance team to ensure SC&L can achieve its quality, safety, delivery, performance, and business objectives, and comply with all relevant regulations and laws

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Define the Roles & Responsibilities (R&R) of your team and maintain
  • Involve and align the structure with the Head of Warehousing & Contract Logistics and Human Resources, including their support on ensuring all new team members receive their R&R as part of their onboarding process
  • Align R&R applicable to your team and ensure they are trained and prepared to execute the expected activities
  • Communicate R&R applicable to your team and ensure they are trained

Objectives & KPIs

  • Define key quality & performance activity processes including scope, organizational role & responsibilities, productivity measures, including the targets of each KPI
  • Align objectives & KPIs applicable to your team, and how they impact SC&L results, including the expected frequency for tracking them, how the results are calculated, and which report they can find the results on – including communication to your team as part of the onboarding process (Include regulatory objectives and multi-year responsibility)


Resource Planning

  • Align team resources with SC&L activity strategy and forecasts, review monthly resource planning, developing a labor strategy for next month(s) / period(s)
  • Recommend opportunities for NEOM SC&L to develop, enhance, or modify products/services/innovations and the infrastructure, equipment, and digitalization opportunities
  • Devise, supervise, and coordinate training programs and courses for SC&L staff (direct hires and outsourced) and other stakeholders to increase proficiency in safety practices and promote quality, performance & efficiency consciousness

Performance Tracking

  • Define, measure, and track key quality, performance & efficiency measurables, KPIs, and business reporting mechanism, including quality, audit performance, and appropriate KPIs with customers
  • Review quality, performance & efficiency across NEOM SC&L and lead opportunities for development and improvement
  • Support team members on specific issues escalated
  • Understand deficiencies within a team and where required develop and lead appropriate action plans
  • Develop regular reports to provide updates to Leadership on quality, performance & efficiency including as a minimum – audit results, action plans, improvement, and development programs


Quality Management and Business Performance Management Systems

Develop, implement, and manage Quality Management and Business Performance Management Systems for SC&L, regularly reviewing them to ensure optimal and effective operational effectiveness

  • Support ongoing development and fulfillment of both Quality Management, Business Performance Management, and Health & Safety Management Systems and how they integrate
  • Be the senior Quality and Business Performance lead and where required representative and point of contact, in all related activities including inspections and compliance requirements

Processes & Work Instructions

  • Ensure that all business Policies, Standard Operating Processes (SOP), and Work Instructions (WI) are defined, and teams are working according to the standards established
  • Ensure that Policies, Standard Operating Processes (SOP), and Work Instructions (WI) of SC&L business operations meet and support requirements
  • Collaborate with SC&L departments to ensure Quality Management and Business Performance Management Systems are digitized

Performance Reviews

  • Enable team to perform their activities, understanding which actions are needed to improve their performance, through appropriate performance meetings
  • Conduct Performance Management Meetings with a team to review performance KPIs and action and development plans
  • Prepare and discuss the operation’s overall performance, based on the standard Management Review Process (MRP), with the Head of Contract Logistics & Warehousing
  • Support Head of Contract Logistics & Warehousing and SC&L leadership team with internal business and customer reviews
  • Track supplier and contractor performance within agreed Quality & Business Performance measurables

Gemba: Inspection, Assessment, and Standards Confirmation

  • Active participation in Gemba confirmation walks, site inspections, and assessments across SC&L to validate if agreed routines are in place as expected and if there are any opportunities/challenges
  • Develop and conduct an audit schedule to ensure compliance with established systems and applicable regulatory requirements
  • Support HSSE team in inspections to confirm standards and compliance levels, identify improvement opportunities, and set corrective actions and measures to ensure applicable regulation compliance


  • Identify and review improvement actions with the SC&L leadership team and direct team
  • Support the team during the implementation of improvement actions by providing the necessary resources and investments
  • Measure, track and drive all initiatives, improvements, and action plans to ensure quality, performance, and compliance to the highest levels
  • Support SC&L management teams by enabling operational and leadership training within operation, setting, and building the right infrastructure to deliver them, including any required trainers, training program and materials
  • Engage leadership team on CI initiatives, such as safety walks, Gemba walks, and operational standardization programs


  • Act as the first point of contact for the customer relating to Quality & Business Performance management matters and build a good relationship to develop trust and ensure strong engagement
  • Support/conduct regular reviews (e.g., monthly) with SC&L business and customers on Quality & Business Performance and delivery against the agreed KPIs
  • Build and grow relationships with all relevant internal stakeholders
  • Support Head of Contract Logistics & Warehousing on contractual and commercial issues
  • Identify opportunities for innovative Quality & Business Performance function, product & solution development
  • Support from a Quality & Business Performance perspective NEOM SC&L strategic business development programs, innovation, and growth initiatives
  • Support SC&L leadership in the development of customer joint business plan and ensure execution of the plan
  • Engage and collaborate with business peers and organizations across NEOM as required, fostering the exchange of best practices.
  • Ensure and maintain strong relationships with senior management/stakeholders within SC&L, business divisions, and wider NEOM organization


  • Minimum 5+ years experience (within the GCC region is an advantage) and extensive knowledge in Quality Management and Business Performance systems, with a history of development, implementation, and management of these systems
  • Degree Qualified with extensive experience and history in quality assurance, business, or related field
  • Certified Quality Auditor
  • Successful history in Policy, Standards & Systems Deployment
  • Advanced knowledge of industrial practices, regulatory agency requirements, and standards such as ISO 9001, 28000
  • Strong quality, data management, and analytical experience
  • Experience in implementing training programs
  • Ability to report and respond at the senior level, and to build and maintain relationships
  • Stakeholder management and ability to influence, lead and manage change
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to communicate across the SC&L Business Unit and other NEOM sectors
  • Team builder with the ability to develop and deploy short, medium, and long-term resource plans, to attract, develop, motivate, retain and lead a high-performing team
  • Excellent managerial skills, including planning, organizing, and directing work in a collaborative work style, fostering cooperation and teamwork, whilst working independently
  • Respectful leadership approach
  • Effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • The capability of developing, leading, and project managing implementation of start-up plans
  • Fluent English language skills required
  • Strong hands-on mentality
  • Previous experience within Supply Chain and/or Logistics

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