Product Owner – Energy Retail

The Product Owner will play a key role in the organization, direction and control the service design, customer journey and process activities of NEOM energy to deliver designs, prototypes and products that will create a future proof NEOM energy experience & company.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Lead the project that is to deliver the service design and business model for energy retail
  • Owner of service design for the energy retail company / companies and responsible for translation into product visions
  • Design and implement circular value chain
  • Stakeholder management to align design with all involved departments and sectors and to create buy-in
  • Create product visions for all elements of service design blueprint. Define MVP’s for initial delivery
  • Align and engage internal and external agile teams for implementation
  • Interface with EWF digital for delivery of products & services
  • Create and manage backlog for further development of MVP
  • Create and periodically revise customer journey maps
  • Blueprint solutions with positive test results
  • Continuously identify areas for change based on customer research, business objectives and trends
  • Identify focus areas periodically and integrate in backlog
  • Manage consultants on projects around these activities
  • Enable solutions for full scale audience. Digitizing all processes behind
  • Preselection of any collaboration partners (external suppliers)
  • Create and track KPI’s to track MVP and product performance
  • Run experiments to improve customer journey. Capture learning and translate into improvements to the journey
  • Create and run tracking dashboard

Education & Experience

  • MBA or master’s degree
  • 8+ years’ relevant working experience
  • Previous experience as a Product Owner in the Renewable Energy sector
  • Experience as start-up founder
  • Ability to think and work on strategic, tactical and operational levels
  • Team player
  • People manager
  • Good communication skills
  • Proven track record in service design, business model creation, tracking and analysing results, agile methodologies and process management.

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