Returnable Packaging Specialist, Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Full Time
  • SA

The role of the Returnable Packaging Specialist is to lead in the development, delivery, and tracking/management of the next generation of logistics storage and transit media that will be used to handle products between and within the network of highly automated logistics facilities that will enable SC&L to fulfill its mandate of offering pioneering and fully sustainable warehousing and delivery network. To achieve this, you will, but are not limited to:


  • Be the Subject Matter Expert within SC&L for all aspects of storage and transit media specification and design
  • Engage with NEOM SC&L stakeholders to identify their specific conditions for design requirements
  • Liaise with NEOM Projects teams to develop the comprehensive design requirements and asset briefs, to enable the progression of the design and acquisition programs for the facility assets
  • Engage with potential suppliers for the design, industrialization, and delivery of all required logistics storage and transit media assets
  • Develop and manage the tracking, return, cleaning, replacement, and recycling of all storage and transit media assets
  • Involvement in the development of a usage payment model and overseeing the execution and management of this process

Catalyst – Make a difference.  Create a Legacy

  • Instrumental in all necessary process development that will be required, including the establishment of a NEOM SC&L asset tracking database
  • Engage with NEOM SC&L stakeholders to identify all necessary design requirements, to create and enable the development of a seamless flow across the entirety of NEOM

Care – Leave the environment in a better place

  • Through effective design, all storage and transit media should be reusable, recyclable, and dimensionally optimized
  • Minimal impact on the environment through material selection, nesting ability, and breadth of use
  • Develop asset tracking and management mechanisms throughout the NEOM supply chain and use data to cut costs and reduce waste in time and assets

Curious – Challenge the norm.  Stay restless

  • Undertake all necessary research, and where necessary the associated development involvement, to create integrated designs and specifications that meet the specific needs of NEOM at each step in the supply chain process

Passionate – Be accountable.  Finish what you start

  • Actively drive NEOM SC&L projects and regional engagement plans related to agreed specifications and outcomes
  • Foster exchange of best practices within and across BU/sectors, i.e. within SC&L and NEOM

Respect – Be authentic.  Be true.  Be Fair

  • Build and grow relationships with all relevant internal stakeholders
  • Build and grow close relationships with senior management and sector experts to ensure consistent sector strategy across NEOM SC&L

Diversity – Embrace cultural differences.  Seek to understand

  • Involvement in developing a high-performing team through recognizing and recruiting the best talent, maximizing the skills, flexibility, and potential of the professional staff, and minimizing employee-initiated turnover through effective management and leadership and onboarding of new hires with proper induction programs
  • Instrumental team member of the larger facility engineering design development team, vitally contributing to ensuring the most innovative and sustainable facility assets are introduced into NEOM


  • 10+ years experience in detailed logistics packaging design/asset management
  • Degree in Logistics, Mechanical Engineering, Design Engineering, or comparable discipline
  • Experience with process creation, development, execution, control/monitoring, and improvement.
  • Project management skills, using the latest techniques, governance, and reporting
  • Knowledge of the latest technologies in supply chain management, warehousing and distribution, and developments in the functionality of the latest logistics systems applications
  • Customer-focused and seeks to understand expectations
  • Highly flexible to changing business requirements
  • Efficient planning & organizing skills
  • Excellent customer and stakeholder relationship-building skills/team player
  • Effective communication & presentation skills for all organizational levels
  • Ability to work independently without supervision
  • Fluent English language skills required
  • Preferred experience with integration with advanced logistics automation
  • Experience in product R&D and innovation is desirable

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