Senior Manager, Business Development – Personalized Nutrition

The Senior Manager, Business Development – Personalized Nutrition, will drive initiatives to establish leading personalized nutrition companies and digital innovations at the NEOM Food sector.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Promote the concept that NEOM’s vision provides personalized nutrition and digital-enabled food experiences with exceptional market opportunities and global visibility
  • Develop and implement a strategy for company attraction in collaboration with the Digital Technologies division with focuses on the adoption of digital technologies and data-driven food experiences, integration with personalized nutrition strategies, and that aligns with a circular and sustainable food system
  • Establish criteria for company selection that include financial stability, technological readiness, product differentiation, safety, and quality standards, as well as consumer health and wellness benefits
  • Assess the feasibility of, and budgets required, to establish companies at NEOM and support their initial and projected market activities
  • Partner with other tenant attraction stakeholders to draft and communicate effective incentive packages and/or unique value propositions for food and digital technology companies of interest
  • Benchmark strategies and success in attracting companies against other regional and “smart city” efforts, and develop insights to promote NEOM as an advantaged location
  • Key responsibilities will include:
  • Performing market analyses to identify trends in personalized nutrition and digital enablers for consumer health and wellness benefits
  • Identifying companies of high interest to the Digital Technologies division
  • Assessing the value of targeted companies in terms of financial stability, IP positioning, and product offerings, and describing advantages over competitors
  • Communicating assessments with internal stakeholders at NEOM and establishing position statements on lead companies
  • Engaging with companies that best fit consumer needs, offer the best market potential, and align with NEOM’s vision
  • Identifying key needs (infrastructure, talent pool, etc.) in incentivizing companies to establish at NEOM and in ensuring market take-off
  • Building and maintaining a partner engagement pipeline, CRM (customer relations management) tooling, and conducting industry scouting/research

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business and/or a personalized nutrition-related field. A graduate degree in either field is desired, and preference will be given to candidates combining qualifications in both.
  • Experience in a multicultural environment is a plus as is proficiency in at least two languages
  • Passion for NEOM’s mission in adopting the most innovative and meaningful trends in personalized nutrition and digital technologies in relation to the food value chain at NEOM and globally
  • Knowledge of regional and global consumer and industry trends in personalized nutrition and digital technologies in the food space
  • Knowledge of the personalized nutrition industry encompassing large corporations, SMEs, and start-ups (including VCs, accelerators, technology transfer offices, etc.)
  • Prior experience in a fast-paced international business development role and/or managerial experience in the personalized nutrition/digital technology industries
  • Prior experience working with consultancy agencies and managing external projects
  • Strong networking skills and willingness to initiate engagement with internal and external stakeholders
  • Proven team-player with a minimum of 7 years’ experience contributing to multidisciplinary teams
  • Highly effective communicator with strong oral and written presentation skills

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