Senior Mechanical Engineer

Job Description

Role Purpose

  • Design, review designs of complete Mechanical systems (HVAC, district cooling/chiller plant, chilled water network, water distribution network, drinking & recycled water distribution, water treatment system, fire water system) relevant to civil and infrastructure works
  • Develop complete scope of Mechanical works, prepare specifications and quantify related works
  • Participate in the procurement of Mechanical devices, equipment and accessories related to the designed systems
  • Implement latest applicable design and engineering Codes & Standards for all Assets of NEOM.
  • Manage, test, inspect, commission and document the timely construction of Mechanical systems associated with all NEOM Assets
  • Participate in the innovation and implementation of new technologies in the Mechanical Engineering field


  • Plan and schedule Mechanical engineering design, construction and commissioning activities
  • Create and update related Procedures, and Forms
  • Pre-qualify related contractors, vendors and manufacturers
  • Inspect, discover and resolve related violations in Mechanical engineering design, construction and commissioning
  • Prepare complete scope of Mechanical works including detailed design narrative of the works, design drawings, as-builts, specifications and related quantities.
  • Ability to utilize the BIM technology and models in design, construction and commissioning of the related works
  • Evaluate technical proposals of bidders for related design services or construction works
  • Provide oversight of construction document development and review the document for consistency, conformance with criteria and scope and across-discipline coordination.
  • Provide engineering support during construction performed by outside contractors including reviewing technical submittals and shop drawings, responding to contractor questions, evaluating change order requests, resolving field problems.

Job Requirements


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Masters level is a plus) in Mechanical Engineering or related field
  • Certified Professional Engineer (PE) or equivalent
  • Membership in related professional association/s


  • 10+ years of proven experience in design, engineering, inspection and construction supervision of related works
  • Experience in large projects and with large engineering, construction or EPC companies


  • Extensive knowledge of applicable international codes and standards (including Saudi Arabia’s codes) and trends in Mechanical engineering design (IMC, IPC, IFC, CIBSE, ASHRAE, SMACNA,…) for variety of facilities such as municipality buildings, administration buildings, police stations, security command and control centers, facility management operation center, educational, leisure facilities, medical and health clinic facilities, etc.
  • Significant experience and advanced knowledge in testing, trouble shooting and commissioning of HVAC systems, chiller plant, chiller network systems, water distribution network, drinking & recycled water distribution, water treatment system, fire water system).
  • Latest trends in engineering and technology, construction and software, BIM (and related software), renewables energies, and green designs, smart city. design


  • Preparation of recognized industry Mechanical Engineering standards, policies and guidelines
  • Excellent technical, analytical, design and engineering capabilities
  • Ability to propose and prepare related design documents of new technologies and innovative solutions
  • Proven ability to work independently as a high motivated, self-directed individual with ability to analyze and solve complex problems
  • Very good interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in English (a must)

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