Senior PV Integration Engineer

Senior PV Integration Engineer

Job Description

NEOM Energy Sector needs candidates with International experience in design, simulation, and integration of distributed and bulk solar PV into the grid. Knowledge of design and simulation tools is a must. Interpersonal and communication skills, a focus on efficiency, and enhanced multitasking abilities are required.

This role will involve the folowing responsibilities – 

·       Contribute to the design and implementation of NEOM’s power grid infrastructure strategic objectives and goals by implementing near, medium, and long term solutions at the lowest costs

·       Work with senior engineer to perform impact studies and expedite project implementation

·       Help develop and implement standards, guidelines, and best practices to ensure a comprehensive delivery of expert services, systems, and outcomes
·       Develop synergy with local and international organizations with involvement in design and simulation tools to keep NEOM up-to-date with the digital industry

Job Requirements

– Degree in electrical, mechanical, or electromechanical engineering

– Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience

– International experience with designing of distributed and bulk PV power
– International experience with modeling and simulation of the control of PV for grid stability
– Integration of PV through AC and DC transmission technologies
– Experience with micro-grids design and operation
– Experience of control and protection of micro-grids
– Expertise in using PSCAD or EMTDC
– Expertise in using PSSE
– Expertise in using MATLAB/SIMULINK

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