Sr. Manager, Space Policy

  • Full Time
  • SA

Role Purpose:

Managing the aspects of strategy, RDI and governance related to space where it will help the space division to define the requirements to operate with high agility and connect enablers within the KSA space ecosystem.


  • Assess the current situation within the KSA space ecosystem, then identify gaps based on global benchmarks to come up with key initiatives, opportunities and enablers to fill the gaps.
  • Define a strategy map for the space division to be mapped to the department of communication and connectivity’s mission and objectives. Including but not limited to enablers, internal processes, beneficiary perspectives, mission and vision.
  • Define key requirements and provide technical expertise for the development and operation of space projects including but not limited to Earth observation, satellite communication, and space exploration
  • Interface with internal and external stakeholders to align interests, coordinate project goals, discuss expectations, facilitate execution, and track and report progress
  • Contribute to development of plans for project budget and schedule management and assist with execution plan and progress tracking.
  • Perform deep dives as a subject matter expert (SME) in development, analysis, and review of specific technical areas such as onboard software automation; guidance, navigation, & control; trajectory and mission design
  • Facilitate gathering inputs from SMEs in other technical areas, especially through the use of key development milestones such as formal and informal design and implementation reviews
  • Coordinate between different groups within each project, between projects, and with management to facilitate clear communication and collaboration and organization of key information through meetings, email, presentations, and documents
  • Lead development of strategic technology and policy roadmaps to utilize existing strengths and fill gaps through external partnerships and internal research and development
  • Provide key insight into emerging trends within the international space community among both established and emerging players (government agencies, industry, research, non-profit, etc)
  • Assist with establishment of strategic partnerships with key external partners and integration of multiple organizations working on different parts of each project


Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • Proficient in use of collaboration tools such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and video conferencing software
  • Commitment to excellence and demonstrated achievements in past efforts
  • Cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and leadership skills
  • Writing and presentation skills and discuss technical and policy information both in specific detail and at a high level for various customers, managers, and stakeholders
  • Ability to break down complicated technical and policy problems and tasks into manageable pieces
  • Strong work ethic and motivation to define and execute the details necessary to implement a high-level vision

Qualifications and Experience.

  • Degree in major related to space systems engineering (Bachelor’s or higher)
  • 10 years of experience working in strategy and space systems.
  • Experience with project leadership and management of budget, scope, and schedule
  • Experience with strategy, RDI and governance.


  • Free Accommodation.
  • Free Laundry and housekeeping.
  • Free transportation.
  • 2 flights per month domestic round trip.
  • 1 Annual Travel Allowance.
  • Relocation Flight.
  • Free Meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ).
  • Schooling – 60K SAR per child up to 3 children.
  • Bonus 20-30% annual (performance based).
  • Savings Plan ( Long-term incentive plan ).
  • Medical insurance ( VVIP health coverage), for Employee, Family & Parents.
  • Annual Leave 30 working days annual.
  • Remote Working 24 working days annual.

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