Subsidiary Governance Manager

Job Description

To establish a clear over-riding governance framework which defines how the NEOM Subsidiaries’ Corporate Governance Documents are established, developed, reviewed, maintained, updated and approved as per Corporate Governance and regulatory requirements

Job Requirements

Planning & Organizing

  • Development of the Subsidiary Governance Framework based on leading practices as well as the regulatory and effective governance requirements.
  • Suggestion of oversight Board-level and executive committees, if any that should be formed (Audit committee, Investment committee, Nomination and Remuneration committee etc.).
  • Development of the governance principles to enable oversight/monitoring of activities.
  • Identifying key activities that should be monitored within the framework that take into consideration risk, sustainability and economic/cost.
  • Development of a reporting system that is reliable and transparent across NEOM’s subsidiaries.
  • Conducting periodic review of the governance model and recommending opportunities for improvement based on applicable leading practice and the changing environment.
  • Examining NEOM Subsidiaries’ adherence to the Delegation of Authority.
  • Carrying out special projects and assignments as needed and as part of the oversight function or as required by NEOM.
  • Development of the Corporate Governance policies and procedures framework that will allow the subsidiaries to effectively meet their objectives and targets, in line with overall Risk policies and procedures, and NEOM’s strategy and direction.
  • Establishment of the Subsidiary Governance Manual that is relevant to NEOM, appropriate and managed in a controlled way which is implemented across NEOM, and serve as the custodian for the same.
  • Development of Subsidiary Governance Guidelines that should be followed in the organization (for example; Board size, composition, membership criteria, appointment, independence criteria, suspension, removal and retirement).
  • Establishment of the Subsidiary Code of Ethics and ensure that it is followed by subsidiaries.
  • Development of accountability and delegated authority framework for NEOM’s subsidiaries and oversee its implementation so as to ensure that all key decisions are taken in alignment with shareholder’s best interests.
  • Formation of NEOM’s subsidiaries’ committees and drafting their charters.
  • Establishing and updating the governance framework which defines the Corporate Governance Documents: (Frameworks, all Enterprise Policies, Company By-Laws, Code of Corporate Governance, Board and Board Committees’ Charters and Terms of Reference (TOR), and Delegation of Authorities (DOA) Framework and Matrix).
  • Conducting corporate governance gap analysis and maturity assessment.
  • Tracking governance documents’ versions, amendments and authorization bodies and timing for all in scope governance frameworks and policies.
  • Conduct regular routine monitoring of Subsidiary Governance Documents versus:
    • The changing requirements of all regulators.
    • The requirements of the Board of NEOM.
    • Changing business needs and risks.
  • Ensuring the subsidiaries’ compliance with disclosure obligations of regulatory agencies and oversee all governance related communications with regulatory agencies for all applicable regulations.

Advisory & Support

  • Providing advice and support to other functions on the development and documentation of frameworks, policies and procedures in a consistent manner across the organization.
  • Managing and constantly review individual performance.
  • Providing regular feedback, coaching and development.


  • Working with NEOM’s Subsidiaries to develop and driving internal alignment on key decisions and proposals requiring Board approval.
  • Developing communications awareness and training materials relating to the Governance documents, key roles and responsibilities.
  • Ensuring communications related to Governance Documents are promptly communicated to the concerned parties.

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