Waste and Resource Manager

NEOM is looking for a suitably experienced individual to fill the position of Manager, Waste, and Resources within the NEOM Operations team. You will be responsible for supporting the development, delivery, and implementation of NEOM’s resource and solid waste management strategy, including management of services to the existing population until such time that new infrastructure and services are developed.

This is an exciting time to be joining the team as we work through strategy development in parallel with regional master planning where you will see and be involved in the development of NEOM from the ground up.

Candidates must have relevant solid waste management experience, including time spent working within a Municipal entity, i.e., local government, providing services in the city and/or regional environments. Please refer to the attached job description for further information.

Key Responsibilities

Ensure that the Corporate and Waste Management department’s core business, strategies, and policies are aligned with the planning, design, and delivery of solid waste management infrastructure.

Direct involvement in the strategic planning and tactical analysis of data, trends, and industry standards for waste diversion, recovery and disposal, resource management, and associated functions to ensure the Waste Management department undertakes its operations consistently and in compliance with appropriate practices, both now and for the foreseeable future.

Oversee management of operational assets as required from time to time.

Provide a technical advisory service regarding waste diversion, recovery, and disposal standards and services.

Research latest market technologies to inform NEOM’s Waste Management strategy and operations

Ensuring personal safety and the safety of others by following NEOM policies and procedures, cooperating with all reasonable instructions, and actively participating in all health and safety training and consultation.

Such other relevant duties as required from time to time would generally fall within the scope of this position.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in environmental engineering, Environmental Science, or related discipline (minimum). Master’s Degree (preferred).
  • Qualifications in people management (preferred).
  • Certification and Membership in related professional association/s (preferred).
  • Previously held senior management positions, preferably in the solid waste management industry.
  • Development and delivery of solid waste disposal operations and environmental compliance and rehabilitation framework, preferably in a city and regional environment.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience (preferably some or all in KSA) in solid waste management, with specific experience of working for a Municipal

To apply for this job please visit career23.sapsf.com.