Dr. Klaus declaration about NEOM during Gateway Gulf Investor Forum Bahrain 2018

Dr. Klaus said:

“we’ve had a huge amount of interest, and are talking to a lot of companies that are on the forefront of multiple technologies wanting to partner and wanting to try out things in the UM what speaks for neom.

I mean one thing is a beautiful location it’s just wonderful I was just there last week, we invited the top livability experts from around the world to spend some time in Young with us to talk about future of livability and I tell you what it is oh, it is as though you come to a place where the mind is at peace at the same time.

You know we are creating a place where prosperity can be gained through creating a new future, there so on the technological side a lot of people look at it, and say we can try certain things out and we can try it out without being held back by existing infrastructure.

Plus being allowed new types of legislation so we have full legislative authority and we’ve been asked by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia write this legislation in the most investor-friendly way, and in the most future-oriented way and this is what’s currently happening there’s a big work stream underway with them into major international law firms working on that and it’s influenced also by the conversations that are happening in parallel with investor firms.

I mean one of the discussions we, for instance, had almost every investor and I think you probably have the same situation where every investor says look, Klaus, what is going to be we love what we are hearing about in young but what if things go wrong you know how is that going to work out so we looked at and benchmarked.

What is the best legal structure in case something goes wrong and we saw that there that what has worked very well is a system of international judges well-respected international judges most of them retire to highly respected being appointed by the king and then sorting out who gets appointed by them and all guided by an international arbitration system.

You know this is a huge addition and in attractiveness, because not every we know that in business most of the things go right but sometimes things don’t go right and just to have this kind of additional insurance is a great thing right.

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