NEOM Company (Owned by the PIF)

NEOM project has obtained the necessary approvals from the official authorities in the Kingdom to establish a closed joint stock company under the name of "NEOM Company" with fully paid-up capital and owned by the Public Investment Fund.

NEOM Bay: The first populated area in NEOM

At its last meeting, chaired by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Prime minister and chairman of the Public Investment Fund, the Constituent Assembly approved the strategic concept of the capital master plan for the region of “NEOM Bay “, the first populated area to be developed in NEOM.


NEOM Airport Received First Flight Carried 130 NEOM Staff

Saudi Arabia’s first charter flight to Sharma’s NEOM Airport has transported 130 staff on the NEOM project as their first official annual meeting on the project grounds, Affiliation between employees and the region on the other hand.


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