A guide to becoming NEOM business partner

NEOM Company appreciates your interest in joining our approved supplier and contractor list. And encourage you to read the guidelines and prepare all required documents in pdf format before sending them through to srm@neom.com

Supplier registration process

Required documents for registration

Required documents for registration are listed in the following image based on your company type.
“R” means required, “N/A” means (Not Applicable).
All documents must be titled with same names in below table in “PDF” format.

Required documents for registration



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  1. Benjamin Zorio Biot

    I am a trader, stock market and forex. I would like to open an office in Neom, the project seems very amazing and I would like to be part of it. The idea is to bring local talents in technology and finance graduated students to develop algorithm trading.

  2. Adil Sabri

    Truly excited about being a part of this amazing initiative and thrilled at the opportunities to grow our portfolio of next generation smart solutions.

  3. Sharfudeen K S

    Galaxy Enterprises Services Co established in 2010 is a 100% Saudi owned service oriented company taking a holistic approach to providing tailor made solutions to our clients.

    We also involve in commercial trade and are an active vendor for Aramco supplying chemicals. We have also partnered with Indian IT giants NIIT for providing IMF-IT solutions to various clients in Saudi

    We have an extensive network of overseas and local business partners, all of whom have been carefully selected to ensure reliable and seamless service. This experience is constantly reviewed and developed to maintain and improve standards.

    We provide, logistics solutions, Customs Clearance, warehousing, inventory management, Freight & Transportation

  4. Ali Al-Jabr

    Galaxy Enterprises Services Co established in 2010 is a 100% Saudi owned service oriented company and would like to provide total logistics solution including, customs clearance, warehousing, inventory management, freight and transportation.

  5. saqib ali

    I want to open a security company in this new city . I have mil back ground experience of security company. can u guide me please . i m from pakistan


  6. Ashraf

    I am working in KSA, can i invest small amount as individual in neom for future mutual return?

  7. Tahir Rasool

    REM is locally Manufacturing Co. for Compactors, Vacuum Tanks and so on.

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