Jeddah Economic City – Saudi Urban Landmark

Jeddah Economic Co., Ltd., has developed the Kingdom city in Jeddah. The project will include the Kingdom Tower, which is more than 1,000 meters in height and occupies an area of approximately 5.3 million square meters to serve as an attractive urban landmark for business and tourism. (more…)

Completion of rehabilitation project of Zamzam well and opening Tuesday

The Emirate of Makkah Region, the Ministry of Finance and the General Presidency of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques will complete the final preparations for the opening of the courtyard of the Mosque in the Holy Mosque in its final form after the completion of the rehabilitation project of Zamzam well on Tuesday, March 10, 2018. (more…)

Softbank will invest about 25 billion in Saudi Arabia

A Bloomberg news report has revealed that Softbank will deepen its investment ties with Saudi Arabia by investing about $ 25 billion in new projects in the Saudi’s new city “NEOM and in electricity over the next three to four years. (more…)

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