NEOM Tourism revenues may exceed oil revenues in the near future

Vice President of the National Tourism Committee Abdulrahman Al-Saneh said that the new project, launched by the Crown Prince HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, is a huge project that will increase or increase tourism revenues on oil income. This will be revealed in the near future. The beaches are 90% of the tourist attraction in summer, which is why most government sectors around the world start vacationing.

The mountain is snow-covered in winter, its summer heat is moderate and 10 ° C lower than other Gulf cities. In addition, 10% of global trade flows through the nearby Red Sea, Is a link to the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa, which are the most important continents of the world. Anyone from those continents can reach the site of “NEOM” in 8 hours or less, and in the future will be shorter than that.

He explained that the natural elements of the project are the most important tourist attractions, not to mention the infrastructure, other services such as airports, paved roads, transportation of all kinds, hotels, restaurants and entertainment elements such as events, festivals, theater, cinema, shopping, conferences, and recreation centers.

“Spain, for example, has some previous tourism components but it was built on several stages and was implemented several decades later, so its share of world tourism in 2016 was more than 70.3 million tourists spent 70 billion euros, and Dubai was deprived of good climate because Temperature and humidity most of the year, and it does not have the old tourist effects such as in Egypt, but it overcame it by a tourist industry characterized by quality product, integrated infrastructure, a superior international airline, organized ground transportation, taxi companies and luxury and metro, International shopping malls, events and dowry And 2016, a record 15 million tourists, including 1.64 million Saudi tourists, more than 100 billion dirhams of tourism revenues, and is looking to achieve 20 billion dirhams in 2020, three years from now.

His Highness the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Public Investment Fund, received a warm wave of applause, and he said: “I have seen the extent of the young leader’s ambition and determination to provide a decent way of life and raise his people to the ranks of developed nations. “We have the right to dream, and we have the right to realize this dream on the ground, with solid political will and determination, and with the youth of Saudi Arabia, which represents 70% of the citizens of the Kingdom,” he said.

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