Energy System organizes a joint workshop with NEOM

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz was inaugurated; The Minister of Energy, and CEO of NEOM Eng. Nazmi Al-Nasr, a joint workshop between the energy system and NEOM company, aimed at setting a road map for cooperation between the two sides, achieving the ambitious national goals of NEOM and the energy system together.

At the opening of the workshop, the Minister of Energy said: “We, in the energy system, support cooperation with the NEOM company, and we are keen to work for this cooperation to be an essential element in the success of the NEOM project and achieving its goals, which are, in the end, part no An integral part of the overall national development goals. “

He expressed his confidence that the goals between the two sides are identical, which confirms the twinning between them, stressing that the Ministry of Energy, with its experiences, will work to support NEOM, which is one of the most prominent and ambitious projects of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in all areas related to energy, including on, For example, projects that exploit the solar and wind energy mix, with the aim of making NEOM a leading region in the world, relying on sustainable energy to supply all its energy needs.

He explained the government’s interest in enabling the renewable energy sector, by forming a higher committee for energy mix affairs for electricity production, headed by Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, who confirms his keenness to develop this sector of production and manufacturing.

The Minister of Energy stated that the workshop will discuss the many cooperation opportunities between the energy system and NEOM, which will be the beginning of success for all.

For his part, Engineer Nazmi Al-Nasr thanked the Minister of Energy for the ministry’s attention and support for the NEOM project, and the ministry and its technical apparatus returned, an essential pillar in achieving NEOM’s aspiration to be the first destination in the world that depends entirely on renewable energy and to be one of the most important exporters of clean energy globally.

Al-Nasr welcomed the work and the exchange of technical expertise with all national partners, to benefit from their experiences or discuss ways of future cooperation in order to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and integration between all projects and national bodies.

It is worth noting that the workshop; In which the energy system as a whole participated; Represented by the Ministry of Energy, the Electricity and Co-generation Regulatory Authority, the Saudi Aramco Company, and the Saudi Electricity Company, which included a group of major hubs, including:

  • Energy strategies
  • Supply and demand for electrical energy
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Connecting to the electrical network
  • Local content development strategy
  • New technologies in energy
  • Research and development
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Petroleum Demand Sustainability Program

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