Grand Mosque Third Expansion

Project location in Medina / Governorate: Al-Masjid al-Haram

Owner: Ministry of Finance

The total area of ​​the project: 72000 square meters

Project Components and Services: The endeavor consists of 3 floors and 4 levels of quest directly related to the first Saudi expansions of the Haram (ground, first and surface). The surface of the new endeavor rises from the current campus’s roles and is accessed by escalators and elevators.

The establishment of a new basement under the quest for services and the movement of worshipers and visitors. Easy access to the sanctuary from the eastern square without going directly to the ground floor and through the stairs of electric and static. Provide three upper bridges (3) alternative to the current to be removed.

Provide a corridor of funerals from the basement of the quest to the eastern arena, through a slope with appropriate tendencies providing comfort. Remove the current beacon and rebuild a new beacon with the same height of about 95 m

Main features and specifications: The interior and exterior expansion interfaces consist of architectural elements that integrate with the elements used for the current state of the existing campus building with some improvements due to the increase in the number of roles and the mass and functional changes of the building’s exterior walls

Consultants: Dar Engineering Company for Design and Technical Consultancy (Shaer and Associates)

Executed companies: Saudi Bin Laden Group.

The place of Tawaaf

  • Capacity  117,000 person / hour
  •                    278,000 worshipers
  • The land area is 25,000 square meters
  • Construction areas 210,000 square meters
  • Stages of implementation 3
  • Number of floors 4
  • Advantages and services
    1. Design crumbles human masses
    2. Easy visual communication of the Kaaba
    3. Maintains the Ottoman gallery
    4. Tracks for people with special needs
    5. The structure is abhorrent to future requirements

Northern Expansion

  • Capacity: 297,400 person / hour
  • Land area: 70,000 square meters
  • Building surfaces: 331,400 square meters


  • Capacity: 187,500 people / hour
  • Land area: 146,000 square meters
  • Building Surfaces: 321,400 square meters
  • The number of floors: 6 levels
  • Advantages and services
    1. Surfaces are used as place of prayer
    2. Operational, administrative and security services offices
    3. Haram Hospital for Emergency
    4. Helicopter Heliport
    5. Electronic umbrellas
    6. Toilets
    7.  Tints
    8.  Escalators


  • Number of tunnels:  8
  • Length: 2,000 meters (1,000 meters per tunnel)
  • The use: Infantry (width 9.4 m)
  •                 Emergency (6.6m width)
  • Advantages and services
    1. 224 bathrooms (16 for the disabled)
    2. 120 subjects
    3. 120 washbasin
    4. Conditioning
    5. Security cameras
    6. Fire Fighting Systems
    7. Fire alarm
    8. Fans for smoke suction

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