Nazmi Al Nasr announces the strategy of building NEOM first phase

Nazmi Al Nasr, Chief Executive Officer of NEOM Project, said that over the next five months, a comprehensive strategy for the NEOM project will be announced, as well as a strategy for each sector, pointing out that the first phase of the project will start within two months.

Al Nasr said the first phase of the project will include the construction of the NEOM Bay, which includes tourist sites, hotels, residential homes and offices for major companies, talking about the new technologies that will be used in the city and will be aimed at empowering minds and innovations.

Speaking at the Saudi-UAE Economic Forum held in Riyadh yesterday, Al-Nasr spoke about investment opportunities. He mentioned that the opportunities are many, and the first will be to build the first phase, namely hotels, offices and shops. “In the next two months, we will create integrated information on all investment opportunities for investors,” he said.

He explained that they are working during the coming period to attract investment funds from outside the country, revealing meetings with nearly 200 Saudi investors looking for opportunities.

To give priority to the Saudi and Gulf investors in building the first stage of a sound strategic decision to benefit from the opportunities available locally and in the Gulf, and to prove that the local and Gulf capitals are able to contribute to the promotion of the giant project, which increases the confidence factor and makes the global participation more balanced.

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  1. Khaled El Miniawi

    I am a seasoned Human Resources professional who held various leading positions in the field with major multinationals including Royal Dutch Shell and Coopers & Lubrand. Currently I work as Human Resources Advisor with Parsons for the Director General of Humsn Resources of the Royal Comission at Yanbu.

    I am keen to join the NEOM team and make valued contribution to this flagship project.

    Khaled El Miniawi

  2. Amjad Rasool Soomro

    Very informative topic about NEOM CITY which is tge future of Saudi Arabia and I believe this giant project will not only boost the local industry of KSA but will play a vital role in strenghtheining the kingdom economy.

    From Amjad Rasool Soomro

  3. Eid Al Olayyan

    We are private investor, we would like to invest in NEOM city , our investment is in excess of one Billion USD .

    Could you guide us to whom should we contact ?

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