NEOM and ITP Media Group launch an advanced training program in digital media

The media production sector in NEOM announced the launch of an advanced program to train Saudi university graduates and develop their professional skills in digital journalism, in cooperation with ITP Media Group. The program provides the accepted students with training and work opportunities in several local and international media, and the distinguished among them will get permanent job opportunities in the ITP Media Group.

This program, which will be held in November in Riyadh, is an extension of the success achieved by this initiative in its first edition in 2021. The first phase of the training program, which accommodates 35 university graduates, will last for four weeks, during which the accepted students will receive basic skills in digital media, after which the distinguished will be selected to obtain a paid training opportunity for 6 months at ITP Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, while they will receive Those who demonstrate exceptional skills and leadership ideas find permanent employment opportunities at ITP Media Group, either in Riyadh or in one of ITP’s five offices spread across three continents.

The training program includes working directly with a number of the most important local and international magazines and media outlets issued by the group, such as “Time Out”, “Harper’s Bazaar”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Arabian Business” and “Esquire”. The program is implemented under the supervision of a group of prominent media industry leaders and editors-in-chief at the local and international levels, who will provide the program’s beneficiaries with the necessary skills in new media. Journalism and storytelling skills.

Wayne Borg, General Manager of the Media Production Sector at NEOM, said: “Developing professional skills and providing job opportunities for young Saudi talents is one of our primary goals in the media sector in NEOM, which enables them to contribute with us, pivotally, in developing an advanced media system.” He continued: “In cooperation with partners such as ITP, we have provided unique opportunities for young media talents to learn and gain invaluable practical experience and skills.”

Martin Chambers, Managing Director of ITP Media Group, said: “The group is always looking for a new generation of media talent and leadership figures, who play an important role in shaping media trends, and because our brand is dynamic, we are always looking for the new generation who They drive development and innovation in the future of our ever-changing media sector, and in this sense, our long-term training programs will help us identify and empower young talent and contribute to building a new generation of media leaders in the region and the world.”

Majed Al-Telmisani, CEO of ITP Saudi Arabia, said: “In our media group, we consider the development of Saudi talents an essential part of our mission and identity, and it is important for young people to see that the content we provide expresses them, their ideas and the identity of their generation, which is what drives us to Increase the proportion of young people in our work team and allowing them to express these ideas and aspirations, and we are certain that the Saudi media sector will surpass its peers in the world in terms of quality, efficiency and competitiveness.”

In addition, NEOM and ITP invite young Saudi men and women between who are interested in working in the field of digital media, between the ages of 22 and 35, and wish to join the program to register via the following link:

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