NEOM Celebrates Kingdom’s 89th National Day

NEOM is sponsoring for the first time this year the celebration of the Kingdom’s 89th National Day under the slogan “Himma to the Summit” in NEOM, in cooperation with the districts of Al Badaa and Duba, as part of the company’s social responsibility and ambitions aimed at the local community.

Mohammed Bin Atallah Al Tuwaijri, Director of Social Responsibility at NEOM, demonstrated that NEOM’s support to the people of the region to celebrate this precious occasion on the hearts of all the people of the country comes as a continuation of NEOM’s initiatives we launched this year, which were focused on integrating the local community in the project and preparing them for the future. Human development is best described as a key pillar of the goal for which NEOM was created.

For his part, the Mayor of Duba province, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghabban, thanked NEOM for its support in producing a suitable celebration atmosphere for the citizens on this precious and important day, hoping that NEOM will be an effective and successful expression of the goals of Vision 2030 which regard every citizen aspiring to see the Kingdom enjoy With a sustainable future and a thriving economy, inviting everyone to attend the official ceremony tomorrow on the waterfront.

The mayor of Al-Bada’a Governorate, Saeed Khalil Al-Saeed, emphasised that the town has prepared a site for the celebration of the national day in the sports centre in Al-Badaa, which will start its activities next Tuesday, pointing out that these events will include a march for government agencies, a national operetta, in addition to many activities and events.

Many of the main areas of NEOM, such as Sharma and Khraibeh, are currently in the province of Duba, although the governorate is geographically located outside the boundaries of the NEOM area, hence support has been provided to the district.

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