Norlana: A cutting-edge place centered around wellbeing and world-class sporting facilities.

NEOM’s Board of Directors announced “Norlana”, the new state-of-the-art residential complex dedicated to rejuvenation and health, as the latest destination within the NEOM project.

She said in a statement today, Wednesday, that “Norlana,” with its location on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, provides a unique environment, in an exclusive complex that accommodates 3,000 residents, and will provide them with exceptional living equipped with the latest technologies, setting a pioneering standard for healthy, sustainable living.

Within its contemporary community environment, the new destination offers 711 residential properties, including luxury palaces, apartments, and beach villas, designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding dunes, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of nature.

“Norlana” features a highly advanced marina, which includes 120 berths, making the destination a global center for luxury yachts, in addition to water taxi services available to residents and visitors. The Yacht Owners Club will be a place where they meet in search of luxury and tranquility, to relax and enjoy dining experiences, exceptional services, and stunning views of the waterfront.

In line with NEOM’s commitment to preserving nature, “Norlana” will be developed and completed innovatively and sustainably that is in harmony with its coastal location, to offer its community a luxurious modern life through facilities that blend the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding environment with the latest technologies, taking into account the preservation of the terrestrial and marine environments in the region. .

The development of the “Norlana” destination comes in the wake of the recent announcements of the “Leyja”, “Epicon” ” and “Siranna” destinations, which are sustainable tourism destinations being developed on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

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  1. Erwin Rader

    Great opportunity also I want to be a part at Trojena
    Happy new year and best regards from Vienna, Erwin

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