Oxagon launches two programs to support Saudi innovators and pioneering ideas

The NEOM Industrial City “Oxagon” announced the launch of the first version of the “Hackathon Oxagon”, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the “Blossom” accelerator, which specializes in promoting inclusiveness in entrepreneurship.

The hackathon

Which will be held in Riyadh from 6 to 8 October with the participation of Saudi public and private universities, aims to advance the system of joint cooperation in the startup community in the Kingdom, by providing comprehensive support to the talented and talented in the fields of innovation, technology, and manufacturing and transforming their innovative ideas into projects based on the land Indeed.

The Oxagon Hackathon will focus on four areas that represent NEOM’s industrial ambitions: technology at the service of humans, innovation to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges of water scarcity, renewable energy solutions, and green hydrogen and electric fuel innovations, which reflect the Kingdom’s commitment to exploring alternatives to clean energy.

Oxagon Accelerator

Later this year, the hackathon will be followed by the Oxagon Accelerator, an intensive 12-week program specifically designed to provide early-stage startup founders with knowledge, experience, resources, and network to support and enable them to establish their companies by attracting capital, investors, and financiers.

In this context, Oxagon CEO and Director of Manufacturing Sector at NEOM Vishal Wancho said: “Attracting and developing Saudi talents to lead innovation in various fields is a priority for us in NEOM, reflected in this partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Blossom accelerator, as it confirms our vision of education as a stone The cornerstone is in innovation communities, so we are excited to work with the ministry to promote innovation and entrepreneurship programs in Saudi universities.”

what is Oxagon?

On his part, A. Dr. Nasser bin Mohammed Al-Aqili, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Research and Innovation: “The Ministry of Education plays a pivotal role in building the next generation of future pioneers and leaders, and in developing national talents to contribute to economic diversification plans in accordance with the objectives of “Vision 2030”, noting that this partnership with NEOM Industrial City “Oxagon”, will provide participants from Saudi public and private universities, the opportunity to implement their innovative ideas and develop sustainable solutions that develop the future of industries inside and outside the Kingdom. Forming partnerships with major entities such as NEOM will have a significant impact on developing talent in our educational system.”

How to apply?

In addition to applicants from Saudi universities, entrepreneurs and innovators in the Kingdom can apply to participate in the “Hackathon and Oxagon Accelerator”, and get an opportunity to transform their ideas and innovative and viable solutions into start-ups, through the following link:

Commenting on this initiative, the Executive Director of Blossom’s business accelerator, Iman Abdel Shakour, considered that what distinguishes the Hackathon initiative and the subsequent accelerator program is their focus on supporting innovators from within the Kingdom.

She added: “It is an ambitious and comprehensive program, and represents an important opportunity for all creators of all categories, cultures, and abilities who faced challenges in participating in such programs to join this initiative. We are confident that the pillar of economic and innovative growth is to create opportunities for innovators and talented people, by Enhancing their capabilities with the required scientific and cognitive capabilities.

Oxagon will provide hackathon participants with the opportunity to benefit from its qualitative capabilities and capabilities, which include big data analysis, artificial intelligence, advanced sensing, Internet of Things (IoT), materials science, nanotechnology, robotics, robotic vehicles, and drones.

The activities of the “Hackathon Oxagon” will include intensive hours of work, under the supervision and guidance of specialized experts who provide the participants with the necessary knowledge to implement their ideas in all stages and steps.

The innovators will work alongside entrepreneurs and startup founders who will have the opportunity to benefit from the ideas and talents. Participants will also meet with potential founders and business teams to jointly develop a number of ideas, technologies, and business opportunities. The three finalists in the hackathon will have the opportunity to participate in the three-month “Oxagon Accelerator” and then present their concepts at a later time. The program will provide access to world-class leaders, experts, and potential investors in the Middle East and North Africa region.

It is worth noting that Oxagon is working on designing a highly developed infrastructure that establishes a comprehensive system for innovation that helps accelerate the transformation of ideas into realistic projects whose products reach the market. To facilitate this goal, the city has dedicated a research and innovation zone that includes a state-of-the-art campus of open workspaces enhanced with the latest technology, supported by clean energy, to serve as a living laboratory for industrial innovation.

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