Saudi inventors generate electricity from vehicle’s tires for NEOM

A team of Saudi inventors has created a new system that can generate renewable electricity for use in the city of NEOM, the city to be built in the northern part of the Kingdom on the Red Sea coast, with funding of $ 500 billion.

“The first stage of the invention, which is to convert the motor energy of the vehicle’s tires into electric energy resulting from traffic on the roads, has been completed,” said Meshaal Al-Harsani, advisor to the vice president of King Abdul-Aziz University for Creativity and Knowledge.

He added that the future will be for sustainable energy, which is far from petroleum products. The invention required the formation of two engineering departments to develop the project. The design of the innovation includes the presence of road turbines integrated with the sidewalks, which is derived from the movement of tires on the road.

The invention came as a result of the directives of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who revealed during the launch of the New megacity project that the new city will offer a new way of life and creative ways to get sustainable energy.

Al-Harsani, who has obtained patents for many inventions, hopes that this invention will reach all parts of the world so that the whole world will recognize Saudi youth’s ability to innovate and develop.

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