Saudi King Launches 4 Riyadh Mega Projects

Saudi Arabia plans to turn its capital Riyadh into one of the most livable cities in the world, according to the plan announced by the Kingdom to invest 86 billion Saudi riyals ($ 23 billion) through four projects to beautify the capital.

The private sector is expected to contribute $ 15 billion to the private sector. The plan will provide about 70,000 jobs for Saudi citizens.

For its part, the Saudi government announced that preliminary design works are underway and construction will begin during the second half of this year and include projects to be built:

  • King Salman Park, one of the largest urban parks in the world, including its residential buildings, hotels and arts complex
  • Constructing a sports street stretching from east to west with trails for horses, mopeds and bicycles
  • Art exhibitions are open throughout the city to showcase the works of Saudi and international artists
  • Green Riyadh increase the green area in the city to become 16 times per capita

Riyadh Green Project

Is one of the most important projects expected to be implemented in the capital Riyadh by planting 7.5 million trees throughout the capital, in addition to the establishment of new irrigation networks using recycled water.

The project also aims to make green umbrellas on a wide scale using certain types of trees that do not require a large amount of water is expected to contribute to these shaded green in the reduction of temperature in the capital Riyadh markedly.

King Salman Park

The park will be located in the heart of the capital, Riyadh, in a strategic location. It will be linked to the main roads and other fast roads. The park will be connected to the King Abdul Aziz public network through five metro stations and ten bus stations, making it easy to reach from all over the city.

It is expected that, the garden will cover more than 13 square kilometers to be the largest city parks in the world, and it will combine between a wide range of activities and projects environmental, cultural and recreational sports, which helps to improve the lifestyle of all residents of Riyadh.

It will also include buildings and facilities located in this region such as the Royal Academy of Arts and National Theater, museums, exhibitions and the Opera House

The park will also include green areas, large sports complexes, a royal golf course and will encourage private investors to contribute to the construction of commercial, hotel and residential entertainment facilities.

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    I hope to join the Riyadh project.

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