Announcement-His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Chairman of the Board of Directors of NEOM blazoned the establishment of “ Trogena”, the new global destination for mountain tourism, within the frame of NEOM’s plan and strategy to contribute to the support and development of the tourism sector in the region.

On this occasion, HRH the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, said “ The Trogena design will contribute to reconsidering the conception of global mountain tourism by creating an environmentally friendly tourism system in all its confines, in line with the objects of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to enhance the quality of life and give life Coffer and healthy for all, and confirms our bid to spark global sweats to save the rudiments of nature. Trogena will be an important and qualitative addition to tourism systems in the region, grounded on the optimal investment in the geographical and environmental diversity of the colorful regions of the Kingdom according to advanced ultramodern fancies, and in a manner that contributes to diversifying the sources of public income and serving from natural coffers, developing and conserving them for unborn generations.

For his part, the CEO of NEOM, Mastermind Nazmi Al-Nasr, said “ Progena highlights NEOM’s values and bold plans as a land where nature harmonizes with innovative technologies in a unique global experience.” And Eng. Al-Nasr added “ The new design is a major donation to achieving NEOM’s long-term intentions. Al Taweel City, by clinging to the principles of sustainability, and employing the rearmost technologies and engineering in its colorful disciplines, to make NEOM an integrated and seductive destination of a world-class position.”

Trogena mountain

The Trogena design is a unique engineering invention that’s unequaled in the whole world, in which the fascinating nature of the Neom Mountains harmonizes with the sightseer spots developed in them, to give a new and unknown experience in the world that reflects the unborn style of living, working, and entertainment in Neom.

Snowboarding in the open air is one of the prominent features of the Trogena design in the region in general and the Arab Gulf states in particular, in order to give an unequaled experience, especially in the desert climate that characterizes the Gulf countries. Amateurs and professionals can enjoy a network of ski tracks of different difficulties, passing through awful and multiple views, including the blue waters of the Red Sea and the beauty of the terrain of the Neom Mountains, in addition to the golden beach stacks of the desert along with the network in an incongruity unequaled in the world, so that skiers get to witness the first Of its kind with this oneness in a different terrain that combines mountains, water, and desert, which is an aesthetic composition that’s the first of its kind and a fun- filled with surprise and adventure.

The new sightseer destination design”Trogena”, which will be available throughout the time, will also include a series of installations and installations. Similar to water sports and cycling, and an interactive reserve, it’s planned that the development of the design will be completed in 2026.

In order to enrich the lives of residers and callers and enhance their well-being, the design will be developed according to transnational norms, including the establishment of sports, trades, music, artistic carnivals, and a wide range of recreational conditioning. Trogena aims to attract further than callers and roughly endless residers in Trogena Village and conterminous domestic sectors by 2030. All construction workshops cleave to NEOM’s strict environmental principles, which include limiting conditioning that harms the ecosystem and working to achieve sustainability.

Trogena is a catalyst for profitable growth and diversification of income sources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in agreement with the objects of Vision 2030, as the design will give further than job openings and add 3 billion Saudi riyals to the gross domestic product by 2030. The current developments in NEOM in terms of vital systems The new bone is a vital pillar for achieving the Kingdom’s unborn bournes of developing new sectors, erecting a vibrant and innovative society, and enhancing profitable substance.

The Trogena design works to give a different and unique tourism model that combines profitable and community development with environmental sustainability. It’s the model in which sightseer destinations are developed according to the principles and practices of sustainable tourism. The design’s highlights also include a huge brackish lake, The Bow Hotel, which in itself is a unique architectural masterpiece and offers an unequaled aquatic hostel experience, as well as The Vault, which will be erected vertically within the mountains, designed according to The rearmost technology, entertainment, and hospitality, and is the main entry gate to”Trogena”. In addition to the domestic complex, Pitch Places, which is located near to the ski pitch overlooking the lake and harmonizes in its design with the girding geography, as well as a bouquet of luxury estates with panoramic views designed to reflect the beauty of the terrain.

Trogena lake

The Trogena design consists of six neighborhoods Gateway, Discovery, Valley, Research, Relax, and Fun. All of them are designed to give conditioning that meet different tastes and requirements and will be developed according to architectural specifications that take into account environmental sustainability, save different living organisms, and also save nature and its sustainability. The region is characterized by clean air, beautiful geographies, and climatic diversity, where temperatures drop below zero in downtime, while the average temperature throughout the time remains 10 degrees Celsius lower than the rest of the region’s metropolises.

Trogena is posted in the center of Neom, 50 kilometers from the seacoast of the Gulf of Aqaba, in the region characterized by a group of the loftiest mountain peaks in Saudi Arabia, with an altitude of about measures above ocean position. Trogena seeks to change the perception of callers and residers about the services that can be handed by mountain resorts, due to its exceptional design, advanced armature, and technology that integrates reality with the virtual world.

It’s noteworthy that NEOM seeks this time 2022 to advertise numerous systems that have different ideas and agree in their sustainability, observance of the terrain and achieving balance, because NEOM, with its ambitious vision, seeks to contribute to shaping the future in which living and work are integrated within factual factors of sustainability.

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