Dr. NEOM – First advanced medical system in the World

The CEO of NEOM Company, Engineer Nazmi Al-Nasr, affirmed that NEOM will be the first place in the world to rely entirely on digitization, and developed an advanced medical system under the name “Dr. NEOM” to collect health data for the population and predict their health problems before they occur, indicating that modern devices for cybersecurity will be used, Working on a plan to train thousands of citizens to provide service in NEOM.

This came in a speech during a session entitled “Smart Cities Designed to be Safe” within the sessions of the International Forum on Cyber ​​Security at the Ritz-Carlton today.

Eng. Al-Nasr revealed that the regional plan for NEOM will be announced next month, which will be a development of lifestyle, not just a revolution. Developing large packages of digital plans for them, starting with electronic transactions for all aspects of life.

He said: “NEOM is the land of the future, which is to connect different destinations, big data and artificial intelligence, stressing that NEOM will be the first place to be powered 100% by relying on a fully protected system”.

Turning to some examples of the development of NEOM, the most important of which is the development of NEOM an advanced medical system called “Dr. NEOM” to collect health data for the population and predict their health problems before they occur, and it will provide travelers with a very advanced travel system so that NEOM visitors do not deal with any complications or lengthy procedures from During the survey of their vital data,

He added that “it will make the renewable energy system in NEOM sophisticated and support smart networks to improve the performance and effectiveness of electrical networks, beneficial that all of these technologies depend on information, and for this, we will work to develop an advanced protection system through a partnership contract with the National Cyber ​​Security Authority to train and develop a whole generation of specialists to protect NEOM, and NEOM will work to forge more partnerships to develop local cadres in the field of cybersecurity”.

The CEO of NEOM pointed out that during the past three years, a strategy was developed for every part of NEOM, expressing his belief in such future projects, as 2020 is the year of construction and implementation, where work on plans and strategies took two years to complete due to the magnitude of the project, and there will be a trip of duration 10 years to create the first futuristic region in the world designed with futuristic designs.

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  1. Dr Talib Hussain

    Neom is the state of art model in human history. I certainly wish the success in each and every step. Being a doctor ,looking forward to offer my services as GP in this prestigious environment

  2. Hajara Abdul Hamid

    Indeed Neom is the land of the future, i certainly wish it’s going to be an incredible success,
    As a medical doctor, i look foward to offer my services in this wonderful city

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