NEOM will welcome its visitors in 2024

Nazmi Al-Nasr, CEO of the Saudi NEOM city project, said that the $500 billion smart city NEOM is one of the most important projects supporting the national tourism strategy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the Kingdom is steadily working to diversify its economy, which has been heavily dependent on oil for decades.

Al-Nasr added during his speech at the World Summit of the World Travel and Tourism Council, which is being held in Riyadh, that the suspended stadiums in the smart city will make tourists reimagine and imagine the future, continuing: We want people to come to see how sports stadiums are built, and where they are built ?, as sports stadiums are In NEOM , it is 300 meters high and is loose and suspended in the air.

He pointed out that the OXAGON industrial city in NEOM has all the potential to become a world-class tourist destination, where visitors can come and see how the future will be, and many industries are planned for the city in addition to the seaport “NEOM Port”, however, we would like to see Tourists spend a day or two in the city so that they can see the future of industries and how seaports will operate in the future, as everything in NEOM is designed for the future era.

And the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, had revealed a unique tourist destination in the region, which is Sindalah Island, which is the latest project to boost the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the island will host luxury yachts.

The Crown Prince said: This is another important moment for NEOM and a big step for the Kingdom to achieve its tourism ambitions in light of Vision 2030. The island extends over an area of about 840,000 square meters, and it is one of the groups of islands that will be developed in the Giga tourism and entertainment project.

The Kingdom plans to hold many events and activities on the island, including advanced artistic and cultural events, major sports shows, social and entertainment celebrations, and culinary festivals throughout the year.

As for the port of Sindala Island, it will include 86 berths, in addition to 413 luxury hotel rooms, 333 upscale hotel apartments, a beach club, a yacht club, and 38 unique food offerings that will provide a unique experience in the Red Sea.

Sandala is also expected to become a popular destination for golf by offering its fans the opportunity to experience a world-class course of 5,920 meters, par 70, 18 tees, and 9 holes.

The island will serve as the main gateway to the Red Sea and will be the first luxury island and destination for the yacht club in Neom in the Red Sea. It is expected to become the most exciting and attractive tourist site in the region, and it is planned to start welcoming guests in early 2024.

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    Looking forward for the opening of Neom city for visitors, with the Sindala Island.

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