The Future of Environment || Discuss the Future with Paul Marshall

NEOM is developing sustainable cities designed to have a net benefit to nature. Since the cities are being built from scratch, they are not only minimizing carbon footprint but also improving the environment by rewilding the natural landscapes in a process of regenerative development.

Watch Paul Marshall, Chief Environment Officer at NEOM, discuss with Anita Mendiratta, International Consultant on Sustainable Development, about the project’s commitment to conserving and living harmoniously with nature.

By sharing the vision towards building sustainable cities of the future, NEOM inspires the world to follow the same path and build a healthy relationship between humanity and the environment.

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  1. Vlado Orlandich

    Rethinking perfection has no limits ! I’m deeply convinced that Your bewitching Project is likely always to be the most closely aspect because this is always very interesting and very important ! I look forward to the implementation of this ambitious Project !
    Sincerely Yours, Vl’ado Orlandich

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