NEOM team visit University of Tabuk

A delegation of NEOM officials visited the University of Tabuk, and during the visit, they were briefed on the scientific and academic programs offered by the university in the fields of engineering, computer and management and studying the outputs of these specialties. (more…)

NEOM Announces first 6 Jobs

Tabuk University announced through the official account of “Twitter”, about the availability of a number of career opportunities for graduates of the university Saudis, a bachelor and qualified scientific and engineering disciplines degree, to work in the NEOM project Tabuk region, according to the following disciplines: (more…)

Global Top Megacities Choices

Not least because of their population density, cities have come to be an enormous focal point once it comes to sustainable improvement. They may be getting larger, particularly in the developing world, but that does not make them better. (more…)

Completion of rehabilitation project of Zamzam well and opening Tuesday

The Emirate of Makkah Region, the Ministry of Finance and the General Presidency of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques will complete the final preparations for the opening of the courtyard of the Mosque in the Holy Mosque in its final form after the completion of the rehabilitation project of Zamzam well on Tuesday, March 10, 2018. (more…)

Bin Salman launches a new “MIT” and “NEOM” partnership

Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced several partnerships between Saudi institutions and the United States, including a major new partnership between King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the NEOM project. (more…)